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i think that the fact that our word for pimple is the same word as the one for finnish person sums up the relationship between our countries pretty good


In Sweden we have a word called Val that we use for whale, choice and election it’s even spoken the same way for extra confusion.


Hung out with camirosephotography today, we explored around Stockholm together. A little rain, but overall cool day!

Anonymous asked: "pelle svanslös heter peter no tail på engelska låter som en grotesk variant av "hahaha no nip steve"-memet eller hur"




”Jag heter Pippilotta Viktualia Rullgardina Krusmynta Efraimsdotter Långstrump, men ni kan kalla mig för Pippi”


did you guys know that in sweden you don’t say your age like,

"I’m 20 years old."

you say,

"I’m a 93"



Folkpartiet, a centre-right political party, dusts off an old ad from the 30’s for the upcoming elections.


Folkpartiet, a centre-right political party, dusts off an old ad from the 30’s for the upcoming elections.


the word “ajabaja” means “nuh-uh do not do that”


the swedish word for vegetable is grönsak which literally means ‘green thing’





The nazi-party called “The Swedish Party” was in Malmö, Sweden today (and had a permit from the police, WTF). About 2000 people were there to peacefully let them know that they are not welcome here.

Singing and shouting, the demonstrators were loud, but as peaceful you can be when there are nazis invading our city.

The police respond by running an unarmed, non-threatening person over with a bus.

The police respond by riding over people who did nothing but try to let the nazis know that they are not welcome here. 10-15 cops on horses riding over people, continuously, over and over again.

A nazi tried to pull of a woman’s hijab, hit her, the cops saw but did nothing.

People are lying bloody on the streets, when people come over to help, the cops tell them no.

The cops have blood on their hands, and they are now, after giving the nazis a ride away from there, standing outside the emergency room to “protect people from violent activists”.

To everyone thinking Sweden is an equal country: no, it’s not. Nazis get free rides from the police after they propagate their disgusting message, and innocent people who just wants equality are being run over by the cops.

This is not the first time this happens. In the 20s, Swedish military opened fire into a group of unarmed demonstrators.

Last year, a similar thing to what happened today happened in Stockholm.

This year, at similar demonstrations, cops have been running people over, beating them with batons and arresting people for no good reason.

This spring, on international women’s day, happy demonstrators move from a peaceful and happy demonstration to a party, and on the way, several of them are stabbed by nazis. The police and media call this a “fight between different activists”, while nazis were carrying knives, and feminists were stabbed in the back and beaten up so badly that one of them had to stay in the hospital for months.

Sweden is not equal. Europe is not equal. The US isn’t equal. It isn’t peaceful. It isn’t democratic. They are taking democracy away from us. We can’t let them.


Okay, so, let’s actually talk about this for a moment because I’ve actually got the english news article up which you can all read, riiiiiiggggghhtt… here because we need to talk about this.

We need to talk about this because this gross, exaggerated, hysterical response is exactly what lead to what happened down there in Sweden.

So, how many Nazi’s showed up? We’re using the term “invasion” oh my god, NAZIS NAZIS ARE INVADING SWEDEN: HIDE THE JEWS AND THE COLOURED FO- a couple dozen. A couple dozen Nazis showed up to discuss nazi things. 

A couple dozen “Nazis” showed up and OVER 2,000 protesters showed up to tell them what they thought of them.

So with 2,000 protesters, 300-400 police officers had to show up to try and keep the peace.

The protesters couldn’t keep the peace because there was fucking 2,000 of them and a mob is a panicked, finicky, destructive thing and chaos proceeded to ensue.

This was your own fault: why did you think it was appropriate to bring over 2,000 people to a closed, tight-space, -european-urban area to protest the meeting of maybe 30 people? Yes you should be blamed. Of course you should be blamed: 2,000 fucking people to protest 30, I’m sorry, are you fucking retarded? 

You’re complaining they got a police escort? You’re complaining about “BOOHOO THE NAUGHTY NAZI PULLED OFF THAT POOR WOMANS HIJBAB—WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH” There was 2,000 of you.

You could have killed them. You could have MURDERED them. You could have trampled them to death- left nothing but a red smear on the fucking floor and called it justice. At any given moment you could have become a bloody, disgusting, revolting mob that was it’s own judge, jury, and executioner. 

You want an accurate fucking headline?

Small public meeting of nazis to discuss politics in park.  Army of belligerent protesters invade Sweden: chaos in the streets. 

You don’t represent equality.

You represent a dangerous, unruly, angry, unpredictable fucking hysterical mob of IDIOTS who are just as much a danger to yourselves as everyone else around you.

You’re not righteous. You’re not courageous. You’re not even brave. You’re scared and you’re stupid- threatened by boogie men and willing to herd yourself off of cliffs like bison.

Your vision of equality is being able to march a mob of 2,000 people to fucking lynch 30. 

How nice of you to so openly defend the nazis and the police. Even nicer with the racial and ableist slurs you’re using. The way you write is like you’re the one who can’t control yourself. Why do you defend the nazi who tried to pull the hijab off a woman? Do you really think she was one of the potential violent protesters? Do you really think 2000 people came there to fight? That’s not a rational conclusion. That is not the conclusion made by a person who have the slightest knowledge of the events in Sweden since last year and the events in Kärrtorp.

For those of you who don’t know: It is three weeks until the parliamentary, regional, and municipal elections in Sweden, and the Sweden Democrats (not the nazi party) is predicted to get about 10 % of the votes in the parliamentary elections. The Sweden Democrats is a racist party with its origin in a racist organisation called Bevara Sverige Svenskt (Keep Sweden Swedish)
nd they have the most support in the south of Sweden (where Malmö is).

The Sweden Democrats call themselves an “immigrant critical party”, but really they are racists and they looked like the skinheads they really are in the 90s but realized that to get anywhere they had to stop shaving their hair and put on suits. Which they know have done. They got 6,9 % of the votes to the parliament four years ago. The boundaries of what people think is okay and not , what is racism and not, is therefor being pushed, especially now when they will get more votes than last time. This paves the way for more extreme parties. After all - if you housebreak a racist party, what comes next if not a nazi party?

During the Almedalen Week (a week in Almedalen on Gotland with all the political parties attending. There are speeches, seminars, and so forth) the day that was the Sweden democrats’ they openly mingled with the nazi party though the official line is “we don’t want anything to do with them and we’re not a racist party” (the never ending racist comments and tweets from their politicians is somehow seen as they occur and exist in some kind of vacuum all to the never ending “suprise” and “shock” of the party leader Jimmie Åkesson).

The polices’ action in Malmö yesterday is just one instance out of many where the police has used horses against people who are peacefully protesting, just as jofesinen writes above.

This spring, before the elections to the European Parliament, the Sweden Democrats went on tour around the country as political parties tend to do. People started to show up to the speeches keeping their backs turned against the party leader and holding protest signs as a way of peacefully protest. In one town a man held a sign “No fascists in our Örebro” and he was arrested on the suspicion of hate speech. He was released later but the fact that a political party can be full of hate speech themselves and are allowed to have public meetings but people aren’t allowed to protest is fucked up.
Fyi my sister went to protest the Sweden democrats when they came to our town and she stood among middle aged couples, young parents with toddlers and senior citizens. All very peaceful, but that didn’t stop the police from almost trample people with their horses because they came riding through where she stood. Not where any potential violent protesters where.

The memory of Europe is alarmingly short and forgetful. People seem to think that we’ve learned not to go there again, not to let Nazism and fascism get its hold over the politics, not to not have another holocaust.

Do not make excuses for nazis. They still want exactly the same thing as Hitler did. Don’t be naive enough to think that crimes against humanity cannot happen again in Europe, whatever the reason. I have had people actually say to me that genocide will never happen again because we (we as in the human race) learned our lessen after the second world war. When I replied “What about former Yugoslavia and what about Rwanda” they only gave me blank stares as if they never had heard of it before.

Translation of the photos for those of you who do not speak or read Swedish:
First photo:
1st tweet “He lies unmoving with a headinjury. Overrun by several horses. #fightmalmö
2nd tweet “Saw just the most INSANE thing of all my life. 10-15 police horses running straight through a calm crowd of people. 4-5 ppl completely overrun. Attempted murder.”
3rd tweet “Jonas with party comrades from svp* walking around central Motala**”
4th tweet “Mounted police with number 4077 hit unprovoked straight into a crowd of people”

Third photo
1st tweet “Riot police riding over bleeding demonstrators”
2nd tweet “To those of you who are in Malmö document everything, time, place, number of injured. Video tape the fucking cops, they’re not getting away with this”.

Forth photo
(This is what one can assume to be live reporting from a news paper. I googled the name and it is a journalist at Skånska dagbladet.)
15:14 Susanna Nygren: One person has also been overrun by the police’s armored riot van. It is uncertain how injured the person is.
15:09 Susanna Nygren: I stood just next to the incident. It is a narrow street where they rode forward with 10 horses in a row. They rode straight forward galloping towards a crowd of people of 300-400 people. The police repeated this again and again.
There was some unrest in the crowd. Some shouted slogans and a number of police officers were standing in front them to keep the protesters from the barricades.
The were no violent lunges from the protesters, what happen was they were shouting.
15:06 Susanna Nygren: At least 3 people have been injured in connection with intervention by mounted police officers. One person have been overridden. He got hit by a hoof in the head and seem to have injured his jaw.

Fifth photo:
Here is the protester overrun by a police van
Skånskan’s photographer captured a series of photos of how a protester is being overrun by the police’s Deltabus, without having done anything.

Sixth photo
1st tweet: “ER in Malmö right now. Everyone who wants to come in have to tell their matter to the police.”
2st tweet “Police of Skåne: ‘It is incredibly hard for me to believe that a colleague would willfully run over someone’ -shouldn’t that be out of the question?”

*abbrevation for Svenskarnas parti or Party of the Swede’s
** a town about 300 km north of Malmö