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Fredrika. 21. Northern Virginia. University of Pittsburgh. Swedish. I'll post anything and everything that interests me.

since 8/17/2012

I asked my friends to write something about me. This is what they came up with…

This is what my friend, Emily, has to say about me:

  • Hockey
  • Disney
  • Swedish
  • Weird as fuck
  • Porn lover
  • <3
  • I am being rude
  • I love you
  • Emily is my favorite person in the world
  • Emily is awesome.
  • <3

(None of the above is from my mouth. Just for the record.)


This is what my friend, Taylor, has to say about me:

So there’s this girl named Fredrika, and she’ll die if she walks into a Five Guys.  Or a Chick-fil-A.  Or a house made out of peanuts.  One time, she was on a bus and someone unwrapped a peanut butter sandwich and she had to get off.  She’s like the peanut-allergic-white-girl version of Rosa Parks.  Another time, she got tackled on the beach because she almost stepped on some peanuts.  I’m pretty sure the guys on the beach though three girls were making out or something in the sand, but that’s not what happened.  Her life was being saved.
Fredrika is Swedish, which is pretty cool because she’s from the same place IKEA is from.  Her whole family can speak Swedish, and she has a yellow and blue umbrella.  Don’t ask me why this is relevant…something about Sweden’s favorite colors or something.
Fredrika loves hockey.  I think if hockey was a person, she would take it on a dinner date, skip the desert, and bring it back to her place (if you know what I mean).  Then her and hockey would have cute, blond little puck babies.
Fredrika lives in Pittsburgh, which APPARENTLY is Gotham City.  So, she may or may not be a crime fighting vigilante.  She loves Rainforest Cafe.  She’s terrible at sleep overs.  She wants to be a physical therapist. Her real name is Anna Fredfreaka.  
About a year and a half ago, she wrote this on her friends facebook wall; “I made a whole video for you of me eating pop rocks, but it got an error. *keysmash*”. 

So yeah…I think that sums it up right there.

This is what my friend, Mavis, wrote about me.

Heyyy my name is Fredrika. I like hockey and one direction. I am a TOTAL hipsta when it comes to new music but I listen to everything y’all. I live on my computer and photoshop a shit ton of stuff. Oh and I am deeply in love with Mavis.

posted 2 years ago